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Welcome to Genki Clinic – Wimbledon & Southfields

Are you Genki?

Genki is an everyday word in Japan, often used as a greeting between friends and family – “Genki desu ka?” (or just “Genki?”): “Are you well?” or “How are you doing?” The Genki Clinic logo is a stylized abstraction of the Japanese characters for Genki: 元気


Genki has a deep meaning in oriental medicine and philosophy. Genki is your own fundamental innate vitality. Philosophically, it is also the undifferentiated primal substance of the universe before the Big Bang. But that is another story! Your Genki animates you, giving you life, personality and passion.

Our aim is to support and maximise your available Genki – alleviating your symptoms, pains and disease with the most advanced and personalized medicine available – your own natural healing and defense mechanisms. At Genki Clinic we treat you, not your disease.

At Genki Clinic, treatment is rooted in the continued study and practice of the principles of oriental medicine. Our intention is to increase your physical, mental and emotional vitality.


You don’t have any symptoms or disease? This is a good time to receive treatment! Treating disease before it manifests (未病を治す) is the highest form of medicine. Tuning your Genki to work to its best gives you overall vitality and robust physical and emotional health.

Prevention was deeply imbedded in ancient Chinese culture with doctors receiving payment when people were healthy rather than when they fell ill. Consider how different our medical and pharmaceutical industries might look today if this incentive system were introduced!


Patient education is one of the prime responsibilities of the oriental doctor. At Genki Clinic we are dedicated to sharing our understanding of the fundamentals of your health and wellbeing.

Understanding the true pre-requisites for health can be confusing in today’s increasingly complex and sales-driven societies. We provide simple, practical advice as pertinent today as it was two thousand years ago.




Acupuncture is the most widely known form of oriental medicine, involving the use of needles. However, it is just one of many techniques available to an oriental medical doctor…



Moxibustion (moxa) is less well known than Acupuncture; it is the burning of ‘mugwort’ (artemesia vulgaris; 艾mogusa in Japanese) to therapeutically…



Massage is probably the oldest, most natural and importantly, the least intellectual therapy: Your instinctual reaction to pain, stiffness, tiredness, emotional concerns…

Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

Oriental medicine does not treat disease or target specific pathogens. This is the preserve of bio-medicine. Oriental medicine treats you and promotes your health…